The Haunted Torwood Castle

Torwood Castle

Ancient Haunted Lands

Torwood Castle is a partially ruined 16th-century castle near the village of Torwood, in central Scotland. It’s a Category A listed building and has been since 1979. .

The History Of Torwood Castle

The Foresters of Garden were the foresters responsible for the nearby Royal Forest of Tor Wood from the second half of the 15th century until the mid-17th century.


Not far from this castle, a stone panel was discovered in 1918, which gave the date of Torwood Castle as 1566, or thereabouts.

Sir Alexander Forrester is said to be the castle’s original owner before it passed to the Baillie Clan in the early 16th century. However, it would return to the mighty Forresters in 1635 through George, 1st Lord Forrester

Present Era Of Torwood Castle

Gordon Millar purchased the castle in 1957, and slowly began to restore it, although he was only able to stabilise the stonework of the castle with help from his friends.

He created the Torwood Castle Trust before his death in 1998 to continue his half a century of work, but they were unsuccessful and ceased operations by 2015.

Gordon’s friend Gary Grant took over from the trust and from 2018 moved there and has continued with restoring the castle.

torwood castle

Paranormal Activity

We have many reports of activity at the Castle from a multitude of sources, both online and offline in person.

People have taken pictures of what looks like shadows and figures from within the castle.

Urban Explorers, previous to Garys return to restore the castle, have heard footsteps from the upper levels of Torwood, but when seeking the source out, they were met with nobody physical in the areas.

The lower corridor seems to be a hot spot of activity with various environmental equipment registering sudden changes in the atmosphere.

Paranormal Investigations where the environment is recorded along with audio sessions and proper complete analysis have shown surprising results at this amazing Castle.

And in this video below, you will see some of the best Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) results gained from on location and all conducted LIVE for transparency.

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