Spooked: Scotland

Spooked: Scotland

New Paranormal TV Series From Scotland
Spooked: Scotland

Discovery unveils NEW paranormal commissions for Really Channel & ‘Spooked: Scotland’ will showcase Scotland’s most historical haunted locations.

On 2 September 2021, Discovery announced the commission of an exciting haul of brand-new lifestyle and paranormal shows for Really.

Spooked: Scotland

The witch and the archbishopThe exciting new Paranormal Investigation series Spooked: Scotland will air, joining some of the best Paranormal TV worldwide, featuring on the Discovery Network.

In Tern TV’s ten-part Spooked: Scotland, Gail Porter leads an expert paranormal team to investigate supernatural sightings and terrifying stories from the most haunted country on earth: Scotland. 

Exploring some of Scotland’s most beautiful, wild and mysterious corners in their quest, the team has three days to crack Scotland’s most chilling hauntings and help local communities come to terms with their worst nightmares.

Spooked: Scotland

Gail is no stranger to the paranormal, having already featured in the highly successful Living TV show Dead Famous with Chris Fleming, which aired in June 2004.

Gail Porter and famous American clairvoyant Chris Fleming conducted a road trip through America looking for the haunted locations where legends of stage, screen, and music once frequented. 

With Scotland being the most haunted country in the world due to the raw emotion of historical events, there is no better place to showcase what will be some of the most eye-opening stories, history and MYSTERIES. 

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