SP Premium Subscriptions

We have a unique opportunity for those with a deep interest in the paranormal and the mysteries. You can support one of Scotland oldest leading paranormal organisations by becoming a subscribed member and gaining some amazing perks such as private paranormal events.

Over time they will offer different subscription plans, but initially for £10 a month you will gain the following…

Paranormal Events

Paranormal Events, Perks & Access

* Official SP Spirit Box App (Android) – We Will Provide Tutorials Regularly
* Early Access To Paranormal Events Ticket Free & Paid
* SP T-Shirt (After 3 months)
* Free access to SP documentaries via a members-only channel
* SP Books (3 a year, value £30)
* Access To Secret Subscribers Group
* Access To SP HQ Private Chats With Team (West Wemyss Office)

They will be adding more perks over time.

Always Growing & Adding Perks

10% off standard events, SP calendar, Exclusive members-only paranormal events where you are part of the investigation team, Join them on the filming of SP Documentaries, private access to SP HQ, Online learning modules (3 great topics) Private Live Streams from locations, Spirit communication nights online and much more.

The value of your subscription will be exceeded based on single prices of some perks above. Overall you will be an official public member sponsor of the team (companies please contact) and will be listed on the FB groups as such and various video credits where able.

Donations are always welcome for expenses such as the SP HQ, equipment and locations, but they much prefer to give back to you and have you part of the SP Family.

Thank you for all the support you give, it’s truly appreciated it.

After you set up your subscription, you will be taken to a private Facebook group. Please request to join, your name will be checked against the list of members and added. In the group you will have access to free downloads, Online courses (as they become available) private SP Premium Video Screens, Future dates of events in advance, first options of free locations and ghost walks and dates to come to SP HQ for coffee and cake.

Payment Options
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