Best Spirit Communication Session EVER

Best Spirit Communication Session EVER?

Highlights Of Live Steam - Balgonie Castle
Is this the Best Spirit Communication Session EVER by the team?
On The 6th July 2021, we conducted one of the best validation audio sessions yet at Balgonie Castle, from within the Lairds Hall.
We could feel the energy building, we could feel the thuds, hear the clicks and sense that someone unseen was with us.
When we did a complete analysis, we were BLOWN AWAY at the validation.
Watch till the end and see how many spirits and past Laird & family names you can hear, ALL CONDUCTED LIVE for full transparency.
This may be the most active room ever and indeed the most talkative from within this fantastic castle.
best spirit communication ever

Balgonie Castle The Outlander Location | Best Spirit Communication Session Ever

Just when we felt we got to the bottom of the whole Mary Sibbald story with months of research, investigation and observational work, we have had additional information from the US.

In the not too distant past, Balgonie Castle which many will know from our “In Search Of Mary Sibbald” online documentary which featured on SP TV Premium, had the team from “Help Our House Is Haunted” fully investigate.

Chris Fleming, Barri Ghai, Sandy Lakdar conducted a full investigation for the popular series which aired in September 2018. In this program, our team here were hit with a few pieces of information that not only verified our work at Balgonie, but also opened up new possibilities with regards to the spirits who walk the grounds at Balgonie.

After briefly speaking with Chris Fleming – due to my shock at the accurate unknown information he hit upon – he said something that peeked my attention.

New Paranormal Information

Chris made contact with a 14th Century Laird & His Mason who built the main keep tower. He also says they are active here, which is no surprise to us, and that they actually made communication via his audio work. Due to the editing of the show which can only use so much in such a small airing, this was not used this time. However, we will follow up on this.

In our latest video below, you will see, the Lairds and Spirits are very much active here, these audio captures are no coincidence…

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