Afterlife Documentary – Haunted Winter In Scotland


Afterlife Documentary

Haunted Winter

Afterlife DocumentaryIn this Afterlife Documentary length video, we follow the team through our Haunted Winter locations in Scotland. We attempt afterlife communication at Boleskine House where the infamous Crowley attempted his Magick, wander Greyfriars Kirkyard with a spirit in tow, descend deep into Underground Edinburgh and Mary Kings Close & visit a local haunted Abbey in Scotland.

Join us on this journey…

Boleskine House Aleister Crowley’s house - Afterlife Documentary

Boleskine House is a manor on the south-east side of Loch Ness in Scotland. It’s well known due to being the author and occultist Aleister Crowley’s house, and later the home of Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer Jimmy Page.

Paranormal Activity

Boleskine House

Over the years there have been various reports of strange activity on the site of this property. According to legend, it’s built upon the ruins of a 10th-century church that’s said to have burnt to the ground during a congress, killing everyone inside.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Greyfriars Kirkyard and the Covenanter’s prison have a world-wide reputation of being haunted. The malevolent spirit said to be that of the notorious ‘Bluidy’ George Mackenzie, who was buried there in 1691, is the prime suspect with regards to some frightening occurrences.

Afterlife DocumentaryThe ‘Mackenzie Poltergeist’, as he is affectionately known, is alleged to be the cause of such events including, but not limited to, bruising, bites and cuts on those who come into contact.

Many visitors have reported feeling strange sensations, especially dread.

Mary Kings Close - Afterlife Documentary

Located in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, with a prime position next to the historic Royal Mile – which leads up-to Edinburgh Castle – exists a unique visitor attraction which has acquired quite a reputation for its paranormal activity.

Afterlife Documentary

Mary Kings Close – along with the neighbouring Closes – is within the main centre of the most vibrant streets, filled with traders and local residents alike. It would have been home to people, businesses, storage spaces, and the main heart of busy everyday life.

Paranormal Activity

The Real Mary King’s Close is often cited as the most haunted location in Scotland. The first filed historical sighting that we find dates back to around the 1685 period and involves the Coltheart family.

Afterlife Documentary

The family moved into the Close after the last outbreak of the plague, and It was shortly after this that Thomas and his wife experienced ‘apparitions and unknown phantom energies’ in the Close.

The files of paranormal activity from Mary Kings Close also show reported incidences that include – but are not limited to – a ‘worried man’, a woman in black, a little girl called Annie who allegedly spoke to a famous Japanese psychic, sounds of a tavern in full swing, and scratching coming from inside a chimney, where a child sweep is said to have died.

Other unusual occurrences experienced by visitors and members of staff include stones being thrown, unexplained footsteps, and countless recordings of voices, alarms being set off, and physical activity.

Balmerino Abbey

Balmerino Abbey is located at Balmerino, in Fife, Scotland. It was a Cistercian founded abbey and dates back to approximately 1227.

Afterlife Documentary

It’s said that there is a strong connection between the Monks from Melrose Abbey, King Alexander II of Scotland, and this stunning historical location.

In December 1547 it was allegedly burned by an English force and allegedly damaged again in 1559 by Scottish Protestants.

Paranormal Activity

It’s said that ghostly monks can still be seen pushing wheelbarrows around the grounds. In the keep, there is said to be a ghost who sits and checks the corn for mice and rats.

  • Do the Monks still lurk, looking for some peaceful resolution to their historical yet ghastly grim fate?
  • Are the spirits attached to this location due to its raw beauty, and strategic location overlooking the Tay Estuary?

Whatever is going on at this location, nothing can take away from the peaceful atmosphere, and it’s placed in Scottish History, truly a gem hidden within the great Kingdom of Fife.

Let’s watch the results in this Afterlife Documentary from these locations in 2020

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