About Us

Scottish Paranormal is legally set up as an unincorporated association and currently has four committee members and a research team. They are fully insured (Public liability) and openly work with the public to raise awareness of Scotland’s history, tourism and the protection of our historic locations.

It’s with great pride that it continues its journey with a fantastic group of researchers and consciousness explorers.

Please contact a committee member if you require any clarification on status or to view the constitution.

The Committee Members

Greg Stewart – Joint Chairman
Ryan O’Neill – Joint Chairman
Ally Reid – Vice Chairman & Treasurer

The Research Team

Kyle Stewart
Jonathan Garaway
Rick McCallum (Hollywood Ghost Hunters)
Lee Dunn – Spiritual Medium

we hope you share our

Mission & Vision

We are a team of paranormal researchers, Investigators & explorers of the mysteries whose primary goal is to document and provide clear evidence for the existence of many unexplainable phenomena.
We also strive to educate the public and currently run a Paranormal HQ and alleged haunted item mini-museum in Scotland.
We are a serious group of professionally-minded adults who believe that open-minded scepticism is healthy and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be paranormal in nature.
However, we are open-minded enough to entertain many theories and hypothetical ideas before discounting and are always keen to explore and test such without fear or favour.
We use both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to document and substantiate our experiences. We also use many experimental tools and tests in an attempt to further the subject.
We current create content for Facebook, Amazon Prime & YouTube, to document our journey transparently.
We’ve also worked publicly and behind the scenes with some of the biggest companies, locations, and productions to further advance the subject.
Trusted Group

We are fully Insured with verifiable recommendations by top organisations in the History, Tourism and Business Sectors.

Scottish History & Mystery

The Integrity of historical locations is paramount to us as an organisation. We care deeply about ensuring a professional understanding approach in all projects involving venues and locations.

Our Supporters

We deeply value all support given to us by our sponsors & subscribers in our journey into the mysteries of Scotland and beyond.

Our Promise

All communication on projects, media and assistance we receive as an organisation are kept strictly confidential at all times.

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